Lavender is considered the most important aroma in aromatherapy, an ancient art that is being embraced in this country, particularly among those seeking a more centered and holistic lifestyle. Aromatherapy acts on the central nervous system and thus can have a powerful impact on promoting health and well-being. Lavender has been used for generations to soothe and bring tranquility to the mind and spirit. Its therapeutic benefits to body and soul are world-renowned.

The extraordinary healing properties of Lavender have been scientifically well documented. Lavender is highly effective in relieving stress, aiding in sleep and restoring balance. It energizes, refreshes and promotes a general sense of calm.

Lavender can have a significant impact on emotion. With its antidepressant quality, Lavender lifts depression, eases stress and anxiety, and is also useful in overcoming headaches and migraines. Moreover, the sedative quality of Lavender can induce sleep and ease problems of restlessness and agitation. Lavender is an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory; healing a variety of skin conditions.
Lavender Massage Oil has been proven to ease the pain of aches and sprains to help promote healing.

Enter the world of Lavender.






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